Term 3 Assessment and Reporting

The Term 3 assessment window closed on Friday 10th September (Week 8, Term 3). During Week 9 teachers were marking the final tasks for the term and starting their report writing. Throughout Week 10, reports will be prepared for the last day of term. Families have an opportunity to meet with each subject and Home Group teacher during the Parent/Teacher Evening, which is occurring on Wednesday 13th October from 3:00pm to 6:30pm to discuss the Term 3 report and to support students to prepare for Term 4. Families are able to book an appointment using our new SOBS system. Communication was sent home to families in Week 10 and this information can also be found on the website.

Term 4 Assessment and Reporting

The Term 4 assessment window opened on Monday 13th September (Week 9, Term 3) and will close at different times for each year level during Term 4. The final timetabled day for Year 12 students will be on Friday 29th October (Week 3, Term 4) in preparation for the Year 12 exams. This will be celebrated by the Year 12 Farewell/Arts whole school assembly on this day. The Year 11 students will finish their timetabled lessons at the end of Week 6, Term 4 and the Year 10 cohort will finish at the end of Week 7, Term 4. The assessment window for Year 8 and Year 9 students will close on Friday 26th November (Week 7, Term 4).

Studiosity for the Senior Years

Studiosity is an online learning platform, connecting students in real-time with live experts to get writing feedback and 24/7 support with subject specific questions. The school has invested in a pilot program with Studiosity for all Year 10-12 students to support them with their study. The Year 12 launch of Studiosity occurred on Monday 30th August, with all Year 10 and 11 students having access from the first day of Term 4. Year 12 students are now able to submit their written work into Studiosity for feedback, which is sent back to them within 24 hours. Students can also log into their account and ask an expert how to solve a problem or answer a question specific to the subject they are learning. The Studiosity expert will provide support until the query has been resolved. Over the next 12-months, we will track the usage of the learning platform and decide if it is worth pursuing in future years to support our students with their learning. So far the usage by Year 12 students is steadily growing. Communication to families in Year 10 and Year 11 regarding Studiosity will be sent out this week in preparation for Term 4.

Year 7’s to high school in 2022

The school is continuing to plan for the new Year 7 cohort who will be welcomed to the school at the beginning of next year. The Year 7 transition to high school is being led by Sam Tuffnell (Yr7 to high school Assistant Principal), Alice Forster (Middle Years Assistant Principal) and Sandro Bracci (Student Services Assistant Principal). We are in regular communication with the teachers in our partnership primary schools to make sure we have everything in place to support the two cohorts of students moving across to our school. Sam and Alice are currently organising for every Year 6 and 7 student with their family to visit us for a transition conversation with a member of the Executive Team in Week 4, Term 4. This will be a formal welcome to the school community and a great opportunity to share ‘Our Woodville’ and to answer any questions they may have regarding 2022 and beyond.

If you require any further information about the content of this update, or if you would like to learn more, please contact the school on (08) 8445 9833.

Luke Smith
Deputy Principal