Students completed their first assessment window last week with the Term 1 assessment period closing on Friday 26th March (Week 9). During Week 10, teachers will begin the report writing process so that Term 1 reports are ready for students to take home on the last day of term. The Term 2 assessment period began on Monday 29th March (Week 10) and will conclude on Friday 18th June (Week 8, Term 2).

The first day back in Term 2 for all students will be on Wednesday 28th April. This is due to the Anzac Day Public Holiday on Monday 26th April and a Student Free Day on Tuesday 27th April. Information will be sent home to families regarding these school closure days this week.

The Parent/Teacher Evening is an opportunity for families to discuss the learning progress of their children from Term 1. This will take place on Wednesday 28th April (Week 1, Term 2) from 3:00pm to 6:30pm at Woodville High School. Families will be sent information to enable them to book appointments with their child’s teachers and/or Home Group teachers. Each meeting session will be 15-minutes in length. If families are not able to book appointments online from home, families are encouraged to call the school to make a booking via the front office (08) 8445 9833.

In Term 2, Snapshot Reports will be posted home during Week 5 to indicate the learning progress of students throughout the Term 2 assessment period. The Snapshot Reports will also be available on Daymap.

Luke Smith
Deputy Principal