Over the past few years, Woodville High School has attended STEM Innovate, run by the Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) – and this year was no different!

At the PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Adelaide, Year 8 Woodville High School students practised collaborative problem solving skills and critical thinking through a variety of STEM challenges. This was enhanced by the mentors that worked with our students throughout the program who provided them the confidence to share and innovate on their ideas.

Student comment – “My mentors taught me important things about how to carry yourself in work situations and to always think outside the box. They wanted to teach us to always know your worth in a work area, and to show respect to others.”

Our students explored practical applications of science, maths, engineering and design – which in turn gave insight into the potential STEM careers that they could pursue.

Student comment – “The most useful thing I have learnt throughout this STEM program is to have confidence when sharing my thoughts and ideas. I also learnt about how STEM plays a significant role in many careers and will have a huge impact in the future.”

By the end of this term-long journey, students proudly held a certificate of completion with a new perspective on STEM, an emboldened confidence in themselves, and yet another pathway forward into the future.