For the first time in our proud 106 years of education, Our Woodville welcomed the transitioning Year 6 into Year 7 students from our local partner schools during week 8 of the current term. A significant milestone in public education in South Australia and the culmination of two years of planning, consultations, community feedback and student voice. The first ever cohort of students to engage in six years of education at Woodville High School.

The first of ‘100 days of transition’ occurred on Thursday the 2 December. Over 160 students from 32 different schools spent the day immersed in the WHS community, actively engaging in activities with their 2022 Home Group teachers and peers. Jordan Le, a videographer and old scholar spent the day capturing the student’s hopes and dreams for their next six years of education. Transition activities will continue throughout terms 1 and 2 in 2022, beginning with ‘Woodville Week’ in week 1. A range of activities, themed around the Core Values of Diversity, Creativity and Success have been developed to immerse our newest cohort in the community of Woodville High School.

Supporting the transition of our Year 6 students, Woodville High School has committed funding to upgrade facilities in the Ninti Courtyard, transforming the learning space into modern, collaborative environments, shaped by student voice. Retractable walls will allow for a range of pedagogical practices to be delivered, catering to the diversity of our student cohort.

Year 7 and 8 Parent Evening

All parents and caregivers of our incoming Year 7 and 8 students were invited to attend an information evening on the 1st of December. Sam Tuffnell (Senior Leader – Transition) and Alice Forster (Senior Leader – Middle School) along with our Middle Years Head and Deputy Prefects, Frankie Fielke and Yasmina Vunic spoke to over 150 new families to our school community about our Values, our Graduate Habits and the importance of Woodville High School as an educational beacon in the Western Suburbs. Curriculum leaders were in attendance and spoke to many families about the innovative and engaging learning opportunities the students will be engaged in throughout the next five and six years of education. Our Wellbeing team were present to discuss the introduction of the Wellbeing Hub in 2022 as well as other supportive mechanisms such as School Tv. Thank you to all the families and staff members who attended.

If you were unable to make the evening but would like further information regarding the Teaching and Learning programs or Wellbeing support, please contact Sam Tuffnell on 8445 9833.