Towards the end of Term 2, students from the Year 9 Digital Art & Design class were invited to produce a new logo and identity for Visual Arts Educators South Australia (VAESA). VAESA is the professional association of Visual Arts and Design educators in South Australia and is committed

to the growth and development of the visual arts through networking, teacher support and promotion of best practice in art education.

The organisation needed a new logo to advertise VAESA to a larger audience and build greater brand recognition. The logo will be used to promote events and programs and needs to be suitable for use on both social media and printed material.

Students were given a comprehensive design brief including such criteria as the logo’s suitability for use on multiple platforms, preferred colours, memorable design elements and the representation of arts education in South Australia. Logos of other arts and arts education organisations were also provided for inspiration.

As they worked through the design process, students used a number of digital and traditional techniques to produce their own logo designs. They also applied their designs to mock ups of the organisation’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

This project provided students with an authentic learning opportunity where they were able to work with a real-life design brief. They also had to produce a 200 word artist statement to support their work and consider the technical and submission requirements for their final designs.

Well done to all the students involved!

Gabby Daniele
Art/Design Teacher