Week 6 saw the coming together of Music, Art, Dance and Drama for the biennial Arts Spectacular. This fantastic event featured over 200 students and all the Arts staff (plus many helpers). The Spectacular, entitled A Thousand Words, used music, drama dance and art to tell the story of a family moving their elderly grandfather into a care home, and the journey of discovery about his life through sorting out photos. The action on stage was ably supported by visuals from the Art department, and accompanied by the Wind Ensemble, Chamber Strings and Senior Choir. We were so pleased to be able to present a live performance to a sell-out crowd, and we are very thankful to all who attended. Thanks to those staff members who supported the rehearsal and performance process. Bec Sykes, the writer of the spectacular and Arts Coordinator, is already working on the concept for the 2023 show, so watch this space.