Transition to High School

The transition program for 2022 has begun, with a number of our local partner schools Year 6 students attending Our Woodville for the Taste of High School program. This integral component of ... Read More

Year 7/8 Capture Program

Students in our Year 7/8 Capture Program have had an exciting start to the year. Capture is a new intervention program for 2022, aimed at supporting students with their transition to High ... Read More

Year 7 Project Time

By expanding and challenging students’ thinking, Year 7 Project Time at Woodville High School establishes strong foundations of inquiry, academic self-efficacy, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication and entrepreneurship. with students being empowered to design and manage their own projects by Semester 2. ... Read More

Young women of MYSA

The Young Women of MYSA have been out and about, having a blast! MYSA invite you to join us for regular free and exciting festivities where we play laser tag, pick delicious strawberries, go ice ... Read More