It has been an exciting and busy term for Senior School students, Year 10, 11’s & 12’s. The Semester 1 Dance Show took place in week 5, which was an amazing show put on by the dance students of year levels at Woodville High School. This performance was followed by the formal for Year 12’s. Week 7 had the 2nd yearly event of the Arts Spectacular which turned out to be another show-stopping performance put on by the “triple-threats”, Dance, Drama and Music students. Week 7 was exam week for Year 11 and 12 students who did their midterm exams, with the Year 10’s being away for work experience.

The formal was a huge success for the Year 12 students as a mid-year celebration and as a break for us amid the ongoing matters for Year 12. Everybody looked spectacular, in usual Woodville fashion and danced from start to finish. The venue looked spectacular embellished with the colours white, silver and sky blue. It was a great turnout from staff and students with a total of 190 in attendance. A big thank you to the Year 12 Formal Committee, who were aided by Mr Collins (Year 12 Manager) who organised and made the special night possible.

Effective Teaching Data

The following students have been present as a part of the effective teaching data group.

Year 11Year 10Year 9
Anna TranCaitlyn AngelErin DavisHong Doan LeTandin LhadenZain DawoodAlicia MorrowCaitlyn HutchinsonKai DuncanMichael ClarkCharlise MazeyGeorgia MundyLiam NormanMatilda MartinTia ClarkZakiyah Mueller

The results from the survey were collated and analysed by Mr Bruce White from Uni. SA. Mr White attended the first meeting of the Data Team and helped the students unpack, understand, and identify key issues. The staff and students were incredibly grateful for his expertise and support to our school in this. The students were supported by Ms Hutton, Ms Mirasgentis, Mr Smith, and Ms Mee, altogether who have had a comprehensive look at the effective teaching data and have supported students to write a report and develop a presentation which will be presented to the school community. They have made the following commitments to share with the school community.

  • Presentation to Executive and the Curriculum Leaders
  • Presentation to Staff
  • Presentation to the Governing Council
  • Presentation to Student Voice

Year 11 Captains

On the 16th of June, the year 11’s had a chance to nominate themselves for the leadership role of Year 11 Captain. This proceeded with the current policy with the nominees having to be a current Year 11 Student Voice representative. These elections were supposed to have been held 2 weeks ago, during week 6 but due to the huge number of students involved in the Arts Spectacular and with the exams being held the following week in Week 7, this was delayed until the pathway’s session of Week 8 for the candidates. 

The following candidates nominated themselves for Year 11 Captain:

Caitlyn AngelPerry McDonald-Moult
Hong Doan LeAnthony Commiso
Michaela McDonald-MoultArif Khan

On the balance of staff and student votes, the results were:

  • Captains
    • Hong Doan Le
    • Perry McDonald-Moult
  • Vice Captains
    • Caitlyn Angel
    • Arif Khan

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who ran for the positions of Year 11 Captains, all the staff and students were impressed with the fantastic presentation of their speeches. Mrs Mirasgentis our Principal was highly impressed with the quality of presentations.

School Committees

The following whole school committees are comprised of representatives from staff, students, parents and local government. The student representatives are:

Uniform Committee

  • Erin Davis
  • Sinead Wanderer
  • Dakota Barber
  • Michael Clark

This committee has met twice so far and during the upcoming meeting, they will be viewing various samples of uniforms from suppliers for the school uniform update. The uniform will be in line with our branding and style guide that will be published shortly.

Student Behaviour Management Committee

  • Liam Norman
  • Kai Duncan
  • Caitlyn Angel
  • Alicia Morrow

This committee has had their first meeting and they have published a Terms of Reference.

Pathways Planning Team

The team currently comprises of the Wellbeing Leaders and Year Level Managers.

Staff and students have been given an opportunity to voice their opinions and thoughts on the current content of the Pathways Program through a school-wide survey. The data from the survey will then be compiled and reviewed by the Pathway’s Planning Team to redevelop its content for the academic year of 2022.

Over the next term, the student voice body would like to gain some valuable insight into our student population. There will be surveys run on a few matters, one being the current timetable structure and its pros and cons. A concerning matter that has been brought to our attention is the extensive part-time work hours being taken up by our students. This will be investigated and the reasoning behind such long hours and the effects it has shown. Early next term, we are also looking forward to conducting a Student Voice survey through which we aim to relook at our existing leadership structure and its roles, and to be able to develop a model for future years.

Sudarshan K
School Captain