Friday November 19 was White Ribbon Day, an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue of violence against women in Australia and around the world.

Woodville High School supported the day taking action to end men’s violence against women

The focus was on the actions men can take to end violence against women – asking “How Can Men Make Change?” and calling on all Australians, men included, to “Learn, Give and Take Action.”

“Violence against women is at epidemic proportions. Devastatingly, on average, more than one woman is killed every week in Australia as a result of intimate partner violence,”

“Sadly, the COVID pandemic has made the situation worse; lockdowns and social distancing have not only created a spike in violence, but also reduced the ability of victims to seek help.

White Ribbon Day reminds us we can all play our part – we need men who know they are a part of the solution to be equipped with the tools required to make change in themselves, their communities and our society.

“We need to shift the attitudes and social norms that excuse or condone disrespect, sexual harassment and abuse. Men’s behaviour is at the heart of this problem, but it’s essential that men are part of the solution.

Staff and students had the opportunity to have their photo taken in a White Ribbon Day Frame as a sign of support, with the photos going on our Brag Board.

Students and staff were invited to make a Human White Ribbon on the drama lawns at lunchtime to increase awareness of the family domestic violence crisis in Australia and to support community-led work being done across the country to end violence against women,”.