Registrations are now open for 3 to 16 year old’s to participate in Growing for Gold 2022 program! This year over 60 sporting clubs and organisations across the Cities of Salisbury, Port Adelaide Enfield and Playford have committed to providing FREE ‘Come and Try’ sessions for the community during the Term 3 school holidays.

Not only is this program a great opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle, create new friends, and come and try new sports for free, but it is also supporting and promoting local sporting clubs and centres in the north. Included with this letter you will find an event overview, registration instructions and promotional flyer to utilise. It would be appreciated if you could distribute these where applicable to ensure that each young person has the opportunity to register for a free activity.

Participant registrations opened on 27th July 2022. The program is ticketed through Team App which can be accessed both online and on the mobile app. You can find more information about the Growing for Gold program at

What is Growing for Gold?
Growing for Gold is a free program that encourages young people aged 3 to 16 to try a variety of different sport and recreation activities to help them find something that they love. Each year the program attracts approximately 500 young people and of these participants approximately 20% of participants continue to successfully join a sporting club.

All club sessions are fully supervised by a representative of the club. The club sessions are designed to introduce young people to a wide range of different sport and recreation opportunities, with the focus on:• Being inclusive – all young people regardless of ability/disability, cultural background, socioeconomic background, etc. are encouraged to participate.

  • Free, with no charges to participants
  • Play, having fun and achieving personal success.

In 1999, City of Salisbury started the Growing for Gold program. In 2017 an exciting new partnership was established between the City of Salisbury and neighbouring City of Port Adelaide Enfield to collaboratively plan, organise and undertake the Growing for Gold program. Recently in 2020, the City of Playford joined the partnership which helped with widening the geographical bounds, broadening
the selection of sports, activities, and clubs participating, while encouraging new participants to get involved with sport in the north.
Built into the program is an incentive scheme that encourages young people to try different activities
and most importantly to take the next step of joining a club of their choice. The following incentives are provided to participants:

  • A certificate of participation to all who register in any of the activities offered
  • A gold certificate is awarded if a young person joins a participating club within a set period of the program ending, irrespective of the number of activities. The certificate will incorporate a $40 SportsPower Parabanks/Port Adelaide voucher to assist with purchasing any apparel, shoes or equipment that can assist in starting within their chosen sport.

The program will run through the Term 3 holidays this year from 1 October – 16 October.

Growing for Gold’s aims:

  • To provide an avenue through which local sports and recreation clubs can promote the programs and services they provide for young people
  • To provide young people with an opportunity to participate in sport and recreation based programs that provide them with a positive experience
  • To increase the number of young people actively involved in long-term community-based physical activity programs.

The Growing for Gold program aims to encourage young people to try a variety of different activities in recreation and sport, then take the next step and join a club(s) of their choice.

When is Growing for Gold?
1 October – 16 October.

How do I get involved?
Participant registrations are open now! To register, check the City of Port Adelaide Enfield Facebook Page and visit the Growing for Gold website.

More information can be found at:

How to Register for Growing for Gold 2022
To book FREE come & try session tickets:

  1. Visit the Team App website or Team App mobile app
  2. Click on the ‘Activities’ tab
    • Click on a sport that you’re interested in, these are categorised by Sport and Club
    • Choose a session time that best suits you!
    • Choose the quantity of FREE tickets you need, based on how many children you are registering for this session
    • Fill in ALL required registration information
    • You will then find a confirmation of your registration sent to your nominated email address If you need any support through the registration process, please contact your Council’s contact:
    City of Salisbury – 8406 8334
    City of Port Adelaide Enfield – 8405 6088
    City of Playford – 8256 0539
    You’re set to go! We hope you enjoy the 2022 Growing for Gold program!