This term, our Year 9 SHIP students attended the inaugural Year 9 Campus Experience program held at the University of Adelaide along with students from Underdale, Blackwood, Ocean View and Brighton. Students were given the opportunity to learn about university life and break down some of the pre-conceived ideas that they might have had. They also looked at the similarities and differences between their high school experience and university life.

The Adelaide Student Ambassadors took the students for a campus tour and a highlight was visiting the very quiet ‘reading room’ in the Barr Smith Library. In the recess break they participated in sports activities with the other schools and tested and developed their soccer and badminton skills.

The students attended two faculty workshops – Archaeology & Virtual Reality and Petroleum Engineering. We viewed artefacts from ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt including a real mummy hand in the Classical Museum of Archaeology. The virtual reality session enabled the students to extend their creative abilities in navigating a virtual environment; rock climbing walls, zip lining and collecting and using objects in the virtual space. The engineering session required students to compare and analyse rock permeability and porosity.

The event was a fantastic opportunity for our students to be better informed about the university experience and our students represented Woodville High School with pride. We would like to thank all of the staff and students at the University of Adelaide that made the day possible, it was a great event and we hope that it will continue in 2022.