This year, Our Woodville has had the honour of hosting four study tours, who have come to Adelaide to experience life as a student, and explore some of our cultural attractions. We were pleased to welcome the following schools:

  • Ryan International School (India)
  • Avenue to Success (various schools from Vietnam)
  • Ritsumeikan High School (Japan)
  • Ushiku High School (Japan)

It’s been an incredible learning experience for all, where our students were able to learn about the education and culture of visiting countries, and vice versa. Our students were keen to share their experiences with their buddies, not only at school, but also on weekends.

We have built many positive relationships with the visiting schools, and look forward to continue this in future years. We are already planning to welcome our Japanese friends back in 2024 and 2025!

Many thanks to all the staff and students who have supported the visits, as well as our homestays who graciously opened up their homes for a few weeks. Each study tour was a great success, with students continuing their friendships via social media.

If you are interested in becoming a homestay for study tours in 2024, please contact Dina Matheson ( These are only for 1-2 weeks at a time, and you will be fully supported by the school.