Class 10.13 has been involved in Cultural Responsive activities this semester and students have been sharing the greetings, salutations and words of praise they use at home as part of their life-worlds or cultures. This has led to a better understanding of our home lives as individuals and as a group, particularly the similarities we have in common.

Our students worked with Sally from the HUB to build the forest theme in the Fiction Room for Book Week, scrunching paper for tree trunks, joining them together, attaching paper leaves and stringing them up. Class 10.13 is the only class to have finished all 20 books on the Premier’s Reading Challenge list for 2023. Thank you to Sally for helping our students achieve this amazing goal. Students will be receiving two awards during a celebration lunch in Week 5. Gut gemacht, Deadly, Yay, Onggynom – Well Done!

Class 10.13 put together a compilation of students’ information reports about animals into two class books. They also created their own, culturally relevant 2024 calendars ready to hang up next year. Students have also been covering multiplication and money in maths, coding basic animation and games, looking into our strengths, writing resumes and researching animal anatomy. Bye, Ciao, Khodahafez, Slan Leat – GoodBye!

SSO Sally and 10.13 students standing outside the fiction room forest showing off their culturally relevant calendars, class animal information books, culturally responsive language signs and student invitations to the Premiers Reading Challenge awards presentation lunch.
Absent: Scarlett Cirillo, Mahmoud Jaloudi, William Tompkins, Deva Mahato.