Woodville High School has a proud tradition of student success in the study of Languages. Studying another language offers many rewards, including:

  • being able to communicate, interact and negotiate within and across languages and cultures
  • understanding one’s own and others’ languages, thus improving literacy skills, including in English
  • understanding selves and others, and the diverse ways of knowing, being and doing
  • further developing cognitive skills through thinking critically and analytically, solving problems, and making connections in learning
  • becoming more competitive in the global market
  • adjustment factors (formerly “bonus points” towards students’ university aggregate for studying a language

Strong Language Programs at Woodville:
Students can select from Aboriginal Culture and Language, Indonesian and Vietnamese in year 8. At year 9, there is still an opportunity for students to begin Vietnamese or Indonesian studies, even if they have no prior learning. Background speakers of Vietnamese may enrol in classes without previous study by negotiation.

For more information, contact: Carly.Vause362@schools.sa.edu.au

Language of choice at the School of Languages:
Students also have opportunities to study other languages through the School of Languages. Thousands of R-12 students from over 200 schools and colleges across South Australia have benefited from the opportunity to study a language of their choice. Classes are held after hours in more than 25 teaching centres around the metropolitan area. For students studying Stage 1 and Stage 2, this language study is counted as part of their SACE pattern and study load.   

For more information contact: (08) 8301 4800

The Languages on offer are listed at: https://schooloflanguages.sa.edu.au/languages/
Enrolment information can be found at: https://schooloflanguages.sa.edu.au/enrolment/

Community Languages through Ethnic Schools Association of SA:
Ethnic schools are non-profit, language and culture centres that are available to anyone. About 100 ethnic schools in South Australia teach a total of 49 languages after hours. They provide a minimum two hours of lessons each week to:

  • teach language skills
  • maintain the various cultures of Australian communities
  • promote cultural understanding and harmony

For more information contact: (08) 8301 4814
A list of Ethnic Schools can be found at: https://www.esasa.asn.au/about-us/esasa-member-schools/
Languages taught through Ethnic Schools: https://www.esasa.asn.au/about-us/member-schools-languages/