We are thrilled to announce the partnership between Woodville High School and Adelaide United Football Club!

The partnership between Woodville High School and Adelaide United Football Club, creates authentic learning experiences and gives our students access to expert coaching, mentoring, elite facilities, and a high-performance training program. The football academy is integrated within our Year 7- 12 school curriculum. Through this curriculum students acquire the skills, capabilities, and values to support future educational and employment pathways.

The Woodville High School Football Academy has been established to provide students with on field tactics and strategy, while also promoting leadership and confidence to challenge themselves in a nurturing and professional environment. This is an amazing opportunity for all our students, particularly where some may not have the ability to join district clubs and other associations.

We are energised and excited by the opportunities this partnership offers not only for our students but for our staff in developing their knowledge, coaching expertise within a well-respected sporting club. The focus of the partnership is to inspire and develop young players to elite standards through shared resources, facilities, programs and knowledge.

As we continue to strive for excellence, it is fantastic to be able to learn from the professional players and coaches of Adelaide United.

If you have any questions please contact:

James Anic-Kaliger – james.anickaliger991@schools.sa.edu.au

Anna Mirasgentis, Principal – anna.mirasgentis953@schools.sa.edu.au