Special Provisions – Year 11 & 12
With the implementation of SEQTA, all students who are eligible for SACE Special Provisions have now been identified on each teacher’s class list. Please do not hesitate to contact Daniela Piteo to discuss implementing special provisions.

Curriculum Support English/EALD, Mathematics, EIF and AIF Support
Lower Penny is supervised on Tuesday and Thursday at Recess and Lunch for English/EALD and Mathematics support. We have also recently added Wednesday at Recess to support the students who are struggling with EIF or AIF.

Year 12 Formal
The Year 12 Formal took place on Friday 8 March 2024 at Donato Reception Centre in Kilkenny  from 6:15pm – 10:00pm. It was a wonderful celebration and over 150 students attended along with 24 staff members. 

Year 12 Commemorative Jumper – Second Drop
The second shipment of commemorative jumpers will arrive at school in Week 4, Term 2. The students are required to wear their full and correct Woodville High School uniform under the jumper.