‘School Camp Gone Wrong’

This term in Project Nova students are navigating a School Camp Gone Wrong simulation. Each week students face challenges that will support them to further develop the identified capabilities of: Collaboration, Communication, Personal and Social Capability, Digital Literacy, Leadership and Management, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Entrepreneurial Thinking. 

In the inciting incident in the first week of term students were issued airline tickets, boarded an ‘Air Woodville’ flight in the Learning Hub and took off on the trip of a lifetime to Madagascar!

Shortly into the flight an emergency news flash safety  announcement was broadcast which informed students that on the way to their camp destination, their plane had crashed!

As a result, students have been randomly dispersed across 5 different geographical locations. It has been in these randomly selected tribes that they have been challenged to survive in the landscape they have found themselves! They have had to overcome a weekly set of challenges including needing to build shelter, learn to access food and unexpected hijack challenges. Each hijack challenge  is followed by a personal survival reflection entry which allows students to individually reflect on their development of capabilities. 

Stay tuned for the end of term newsletter to find out if the Year 7s survive their ‘School Camp Gone Wrong’!