As the school year commences we take the opportunity to remind you about keeping our community safe. For those of you who are new to our community particularly, please take the time to read this information. Ensuring our driver and pedestrian behaviour is safe and appropriate is imperative for the safety of your child, other children, other road users and our neighbours, who we work with continuously to ensure they are not impeded by our regular movement times.

Some key messages:

  • Above all be patient and courteous – particularly to those who may be new to Our Woodville and taking time to navigate their new surroundings.
  • We encourage students in particular to use alternative methods of arriving at school – bus, bikes, even walking from a few streets away. These options will save you time and lessened stress.
  • Adhere to traffic and parking signage – it’s there to help us effectively manage busy times.
  • Pick Up and Drop Off lines must be moving – vehicles should not be stationary for more than 2 minutes, please keep moving to the front of the line on Actil Avenue.
  • Explore – take a look at the local parking options or surrounding streets and arrange to meet your student in a less busy location.