At Our Woodville High School, we are committed to reviewing, analysing and improving our curriculum offerings in order to support success for every student in every classroom and as a result we are introducing the following subjects for 2023.

Aboriginal Studies and ATSI Pathways

Woodville High School has created a pathway with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives through a range of subjects in the middle school and into the SACE. Students are able to learn the Australian Curriculum and achieve their SACE through an ATSI lense. Subjects being redeveloped and offered through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives are;

Middle Years Electives

  • Creative Arts (Music/Drama/Art/Dance)
  • Food and Horticulture
  • STEM
  • Senior Years
  • Outdoor Education
  • Integrated Learning (Creative Arts/Food and Horticulture/STEM)
  • Religion and Spirituality

This supplements our Aboriginal Studies Curriculum offering from 7-12 which has been reviewed and updated throughout 2021/2022


Spirituality, Religion and Meaning at Stage 1 in 2023 and Stage 2 in 2024. This is a new subject offering by SACE that will be introduced. Australia is a land of many spiritualities and religions. This subject allows students to develop inquiry questions based on one or more “big ideas”, to explore issues, concepts and ideas, and to reflect on personal and shared meaning within one or more spiritualities and /or religions.


Forensic Science – Stage 1

Forensic science forms an important part of the criminal justice system and is thus a critical element of an effectively functioning society. Forensic science is based on evidence gathered by clearly following the principles of scientific inquiry and allows students to develop useful skills in analytical and critical thinking. Through a focus on practical science and inquiry skills, as well as scientific ways of observing, questioning and thinking, students will learn how to gather and analyse evidence. They will develop skills in drawing calculated conclusions and explaining those conclusions with clearly justified reasoning.

STEM(IE) Year 9 and 10

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. However, STEM as a subject is more than just this combination of different subjects. Instead, STEM is a way of thinking about the world. It is about learning how to solve problems, be creative and innovative, think logically, and work as a part of a team. These are valuable skills and habits of mind for students to acquire, no matter what pathways they take in life. Future employers are requiring school and university graduates to be equipped with the critical and creative thinking skills necessary for an ever-changing job market. This elective topic aims at developing students’ inquiry, problem solving and project skills through a series of short to medium length scenarios, utilising knowledge from science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Essential Mathematics at Stage 2. Essential Mathematics offers senior secondary students the opportunity to extend their mathematical skills in ways that apply to practical problem-solving in everyday and workplace contexts. Students apply their mathematics to diverse settings, including everyday calculations, financial management, business applications, measurement and geometry, and statistics in social contexts. This subject is intended for students planning to pursue a career in a range of trades or vocations.

Cross Disciplinary

Integrated Learning VET preparation for Year 10 students

Integrated Learning is a subject framework that enables students to make links between aspects of their lives and their learning. The program focus is designed around preparing students for a vocational pathway which may include a traineeship or apprenticeship pathway. The subject will allow students to participate in industry immersion activities, work experience, and gain relevant industry certificates. Students will also be enrolled in mentoring and career/work preparation workshops in partnership with the Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN).

Health and Physical Education

Outdoor Education as Integrated Learning to continue the pathway from Stage 1 currently offered.


Design and Technologies at Stage 1 and 2 will offer both Wood and Metal Specialisations separately rather than as a combined materials subject offering a chance for students to specialise in material they are more interested in.