There are many days of action we acknowledge at Woodville High School to bring attention to issues that are important for students to be aware of, on Friday March 19 we acknowledged “The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence”. A day of action where, as a school, we say that bullying and violence of any description are not acceptable. This day was a great opportunity to promote kindness and proactively encourage positive uses of technology and our personal interactions with each other. Students and staff were invited to “post” messages and deeds of kindness to our kindness wall in the Learning Hub Foyer.

On the National Day of Action against Bulling and Violence” we set up a Kindness Wall where students could write kind messages or kind deeds they had been involved in and stick them to the Kindness Wall. An Instagram page was set up for kind messages to be posted, see the page at whs_respect.

In conjunction with Harmony Day at lunchtime we had music playing in the yard, wrist bands for students to wear to show they do not tolerate bullying of any kind, as well as encouraging students to continue to write kind message for the Kindness Wall.

We want all students to continue with anti-bullying and anti-violence positive actions through our thoughts and actions throughout the whole year.

Sandro Bracci
Senior Leader