On Saturday 1st May, staff and students from the Stage Band and Big Band met at Adelaide University to perform in the SA School Bands Jazz Festival. This event, run by the SA chapter of the Australian Band and Orchestra Director’s Association, was in lieu of Generations in Jazz which was unable to run again this year. The festival featured 44 bands, from 2

8 schools in 5 divisions. Out of the 28 schools, there were 5 public schools and 23 private schools.

The Stage Band competed in Division 2 and performed One Good Turn by Nick Mulder (who was also the adjudicator), Carla by Bob Mintzer, and Basically Blues by Phil Wilson and were conducted by Head of Music Paul Monaghan and Music Coordinator Terry Bickley. The Stage Band delivered an exceptional performance, which featured a great deal of musical maturity and sophistication and were received a Gold Award and were Overall Winners of their division.

The Big Band competed in Division 4, and performed North East End Blues by Maksym Grynchuk, Angel Eyes by Matt Dennis, and Chili Today Hot Tamale by Rick Hirsch. They were conducted by Jakub Tengdahl and Anthony Bishop. The Big Band played very well and received a Silver Award in their division.

Well done to the staff and students of the Stage Band and Big Band.