Our House Structure Implementation Committee is working on the scoping and implementation of the new House System.

The House system is a structure that develops relational learning at Woodville High School and is focused on student learning and wellbeing. Our focus will be to strengthen staff and students sense of belonging, welcome, comradery and identity.  I am excited to be the Wellbeing Leader who will be overseeing this important work in 2023. I have been a Wellbeing Leader for the past 18months and worked closely with the house systems at my previous school.

Our committee will take a two phased implementation approach.

This year we will be implementing the Academic Awards, House Competitions, Events, Games, Carnivals, Activities, House Spaces and year 9 and 10 students will be trained as Buddy Program/Peer Mentors in preparation for 2024. 

In 2024 when a student commences at Woodville High School, they become a member of a smaller community in their House, they are immediately part of a welcoming supportive environment. Woodville High School has 4 Houses. The Houses will have physical spaces where students will congregate. Within each House, lifelong friendships are formed, a solid work ethic is nurtured, teamwork is fostered, and leadership will be promoted. Whether in academic, sporting or cultural activities, every student within each House is able to make, and be recognised for, their contribution. Students will remain in their same Home Group (7-12 vertical structure) throughout their time in our School, enabling the Home Group Teacher to monitor a student’s individual progress across the years and provide a sense of safety, identity, belonging and continuity.

The house system includes designated leaders who will work closely with their respective house. The staff House Leaders are: Megan Patman for Jupiter, Nigel Gramp for Mercury, John Katavatis for Neptune and Amy Sym Choon for Sirius.

Within these houses we also have Student Leader representatives.
Lyla Muir for Jupiter, Calee Dirksen for Neptune, Charlise Mazey and Annabelle Joffe.

Over the course of this term, we have conducted house activities for the first time. This saw students meeting within their house locations and getting to know and create their house culture. Some students created house crests and t-shirt designs. Students were also involved in the first sports day nominations. We are looking forward to building the culture within each house and can’t wait to see what the students create.