Celebrations for Year 12 Students

For the first time this year, the Year 12 students were given the opportunity to come to school in a costume on Thursday 26 October. Students came to school in a variety of costumes to celebrate their final day of lessons at school. We also hired some arcade games, mini golf and giant games for the Year 12 students to play in Lower Penny on Wednesday, Thursday and during the breakfast on Friday. This provided an opportunity for students to celebrate their final days together as a cohort. Their behaviour was exceptional and they enjoyed the games. The tone of the final few days was calm and somewhat festive for the students.

Year 12 Breakfast and Assembly

The final Year 12 Breakfast was held on Friday 27 October from 9am-10:15am. All staff were invited to attend the breakfast that was coordinated by Renae Mazel and the Year 11 Food and Hospitality classes, they created an extraordinary breakfast for the Year 12 students to enjoy. The presentation and quality of food provided was exceptional. The breakfast was an opportunity for the Year 12 student to mingle with one another and any staff members that may have taught them during they journey at Woodville High School. The Farewell/Arts Assembly occurred after breakfast at approximately 10:45am at St Clair.

Each of the Year 12 graduating students received the Graduating Signature Bear with the Woodville Badge attached to the gown. Following the assembly, the students gathered outside of St Claire to sign their bears.

Year 11 Exams & Orientation

Year 11 Exams were held during Week 6 Monday 20/11/23  – Wednesday 22/11/23.  Following exam week, the Year 11 students had their Year 12 Orientation on Thursday 23/11/23 and Friday 24/11/23. Teachers provided students with an outline of what was expected in their subject during Year 12.

Year 10 Exams

For the second year, we conducted exams for our Year 10 students, they were scheduled during Week 7 Monday 27/11/23 and Tuesday 28/11/23. All subjects that had a SACE exam at Stage 2  provided an opportunity for students to sit an exam to experience exam conditions.

End of Year SACE Results

The SACE results will be released on Monday 18 December from 8:30am. All our Year 12 students and teachers have worked tirelessly throughout the year and we wish them all the very best with the release of their upcoming results.