This term all Year 11’s attended the Year Level Day excursion at Flinders University. The Year 11’s spent the day exploring the campus ground, meeting with university staff and students to learn about what everyday life at university is like whilst immersing themselves in lectures and activities about specific pathways. This was an invigorating opportunity for students to peacefully explore the campus grounds whilst university students were on holidays.

Some of the highlights of the immersive experience included: participating in a first-year lesson from the Criminology course outline. This lesson allowed students to learn how crime is evolving with the use of technology removing the stereotypes about criminals, in turn teaching students that not all criminals match the stereotypical descriptions that the media represents.

Students also practiced their debating skills in an International Relations class where students were assigned countries and advocated for the rights and freedoms of their countries’ people. There was also a Science based lecture on human interaction and its impact on space in the Space Junk session.