During Term 2, Woodville High School’s Senior Mixed Badminton Team participated in the Western School Sports Competition, with a total of three other schools participating: ASSOE, Findon and Underdale. Our team consisted of Anthony, Phat, Najib, Kaixiang, Angela, Jacob, Grant, Alexandros, and Miss Phan as the coach.

Woodville had a strong start to the competition, with three consecutive wins against each of the schools! But after their remarkable start, the streak was stopped by Underdale who had extraordinary players that challenged the team remarkably.

However, Woodville didn’t let that stop them, and worked their way back to the top of the ladder, securing the number one spot in the grand final. It was here that the team faced their biggest challenge of the whole competition. They were up against Underdale, who had proven to be quite fierce competitors.

In the first round of doubles and singles matches, both teams fought tremendously, but Underdale eventually bested Woodville, with a 2-1 lead.

In the second round, Woodville fought hard to come back, and managed to even the score to 3-3. This meant the decision would come down to the number of individual games won. Tension was building up as the scores were being announced. With a final score of 7-6, Woodville High School were announced the champions.

It was a well-deserved win for the team, who all worked hard and supported each other throughout the competition. Woodville High School would like to give thanks to the other teams, who challenged us and helped us become better players. All teams demonstrated great sportsmanship by encouraging each other, and despite being a competition, provided feedback to one another to help improve play. Finally, a final thanks to Miss Phan for coaching and Mr Vivian for organising to have made this experience possible by forming the teams and continually encouraging everyone to keep the fighting spirit and play with fire in their hearts.

Anthony Le,
Year 12 Woodville High student