As part of Woodville High School’s commitment to cyber safety and security, student internet search history is monitored by the SWIFT Portal Alert System. This system detects online behaviours of concern and intent, via keyword and phrase matches, relating to wellbeing, relationships, and violence. These alerts are then sent to the Wellbeing team in real time, which allows immediate support to be offered to students. Follow up can also include contacting parents and discussing what has been detected. The intent of the system is to provide a proactive and preventative approach to cyber safety and wellbeing. Please discuss this system with you children and explain that inappropriate words and sites they search at school will bring up alerts and they will be followed up. To work together to keep students safe online, we recommend that you also talk to your children about their search history at school and at home. If parents / caregivers identify any concerns, they can contact the school and speak to our Wellbeing team.