The Wellbeing Hub has developed a partnership with Port Adelaide Headspace and Centacare Clinic. Headspace now operates a clinic out of the Wellbeing Hub fortnightly to work exclusively with Woodville High School students who may not have the means or capacity to attend mental health and wellbeing appointments offsite. Referrals to the clinic will be made strictly by Woodville High School’s Wellbeing Leaders or our Youth Worker. Each case will be assessed and a referral to the onsite clinic or the Port Adelaide clinic will be made based on the circumstances of the case, and the headspace clinician, Qi’s, capacity to take on new clients. So far, we have received positive reviews regarding the program from the students accessing it, and families have expressed gratitude to the school for providing a necessary service.

Introduction of our School Mental Health Practitioner

Mariya Zubaryeva, School Mental Health Practitioner graduated from Flinders University with a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences and Diploma of Greek in 2016. In 2019, she graduated with a Masters of Social Work at Flinders University. Her roles have ranged from supporting adults and youth within the disability sector and child protection system to conducting clinical assessments and intervention within the health system. Her latest position was within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services where she provided biopsychosocial assessment and therapeutic intervention to support children, youth and their families. Mariya is hoping to transfer her existing values and skills to benefit the students at Woodville High School. She will be working in partnership with the School Wellbeing Leaders to provide support to students presenting with mild to moderate mental health concerns and provide direct assessment and time limited intervention. This may also include triaging the referrals to the most appropriate services either post intervention or to escalate the referral up to another more suitable service. Group work is also currently being discussed to roll out next year, based on the pressing need of the school community. The topics of groups can include anxiety management, self-esteem, distress tolerance, interpersonal connections and emotional regulation.

House Update

In Week 10, we conducted our inaugural House Assemblies and House Group meetings. The cohesion within each house was remarkable, providing students with a significant chance to acquaint themselves with their House Groups for the upcoming year, 2024. Additionally, in Week Three, students convened in their respective houses to prepare for the splash carnival as well as to express interest in participating in a mural painting activity. Successful participation in these endeavours would contribute valuable House points towards the 2024 House competition.

R U OK day

R U OK day is a National Day of Action that reminds us all to check in with our peers, students and our family and friends to ensure they know you care about them and are there if they need support. The day encourages, inspires and empowers everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and start a conversation with those in their world who may be struggling with life. R U OK is something we should do everyday not just one day a year.

The vision and mission of this charity organisation aligns very closely to the culture and values of our school as we inspire and empower our colleagues and students to meaningfully connect with and lend support when they are struggling.

Highlights of the day included a range of pathway activities throughout the school, with the main events being held during recess. Many staff also shared their appreciation of the coffee and chat between meetings at the end of the day.

I would like to acknowledge the following staff for their hard work to make this day a success for all and their efforts to strengthen the community:

Megan Patman, Alicia Miller, Jessica Michas, John Katavatis, Nigel Gramp, Emily O’Neill, Ben Rice, Avelin David, Sonia Martino, Carmela Pizzino, Sue Weidemann, Tash Van Brecht, Michael Grant, Jessica Curnow.