My Tree Project

For the past 8 months, Year 7 and 8 students from Our Woodville as well as our Environmental Leadership portfolio, have been working with community volunteers to develop a greener and more ... Read More

Aurora Mission

We are thrilled to announce that our application for the Aurora Inclusive Space Education Program has been successful, and we have been selected to participate in the 2024 Aurora Mission! This initiative, ... Read More

House Banners

This year’s sports day marked the unveiling of our new banners for each house, brimming with house spirit. Each banner encapsulates the unique identity of each house. Beyond decorations, these banners stand ... Read More

National Careers Week

National Careers Week, held from 12-18 May, was a resounding success. National Careers Week is an initiative of the Career Industry Council of Australia. It aims to celebrate careers, career development, career ... Read More

Saver Plus

Saver Plus is a free online money skills program for people on lower incomes and matched savings program. It’s about strengthening their financial skills, so they can develop (and keep) good savings ... Read More