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Transition to High School

The transition program for 2024 has begun, with a number of our local partner primary schools year 6 students attending Our Woodville for our Taste of High School program. This integral component ... Read More

2023 Open Night

On Wednesday 22 March, Woodville High School hosted the 2023 Open Night, an important night on our school calendar. Families interested in having their children attend Our Woodville were welcomed by our ... Read More

SWIFT Portal Alerts

As part of Woodville High School’s commitment to cyber safety and security, student internet search history is monitored by the SWIFT Portal Alert System. This system detects online behaviours of concern and ... Read More

Year Level Day

This term all Year 11’s attended the Year Level Day excursion at Flinders University. The Year 11’s spent the day exploring the campus ground, meeting with university staff and students to learn ... Read More

Year 12 Formal

On Friday 10 March, the Donato Reception Centre in Kilkenny played host to an unforgettable event – the 2023 Year 12 formal. With 130 students in attendance, along with 30 staff members, ... Read More

Music Update – December 2022

Middle School Concert Series On Wednesday 9th November, the year 7-10 music students presented the middle school concert series, this time in a new, live format. This year, we ran a year 7/8 ... Read More

Innovation at its Finest!

Over the past few years, Woodville High School has attended STEM Innovate, run by the Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) – and this year was no different! At the PriceWaterhouseCoopers in ... Read More