Staff Professional Development Day

On Friday 27 May, all teaching staff engaged in professional development built around Assessment and Quality Task Design. Teagan Sargent, who is the Curriculum Lead for the Inner West Partnership lead the day that had been designed in consultation with the Assessment and Reporting Committee. The goals of the day were;

  • teachers will understand the features required to develop common assessment tasks that will allow all students to show evidence of what they know, understand, and can do
  • teachers will have the knowledge and understanding to transform, innovate and create their common assessment tasks through the professional learning provided

The outcome of the day was that every teacher transformed, innovated or created a common assessment task using the common template that incorporated the principles of quality task design. Through achieving this outcome students will now begin to see a more consistent approach to assessment tasks that allow for student voice, agency and success for all.

Staff feedback indicates the achievement of the learning goals and success criteria was successful.

A big thanks to the Assessment and Reporting Committee consisting of Anna Mirasgentis, Luke Smith, Daniela Piteo, Aija Mee, Yvonne Toh, Jenny Edmonds, Sadie Gent, Tash Taljaard, Dylan Foote, Michael Clarke and Diamond Thou for their work in preparation of the day.

School Improvement – PLTs

Professional Learning Teams are now moving into their second cycle of implementing a new teaching strategy specifically targeted at improving Reading, Writing or Numeracy learning across classrooms. Staff throughout term 1 implemented a new teaching strategy in line with the challenge of practice from the School Improvement Plan. Teachers have now had the chance to analyse the level of success of the strategy and plan for improvements.

School Improvement – NAPLAN

Year 7 and 9 Students during week 2 and 3 of this term have completed their NAPLAN testing. We were able to achieve 91% testing rate in Year 7 and an 81% testing rate at Year 9. We are looking forward to seeing the students results when they are released and using this to measure the impact of teaching strategies and programs we are implementing for continual school improvement.