In Pathways lessons this term, all Year 8 and 9 students are undertaking Citizenship Projects.

The Learning Goal for this project is that; Students will build their understanding of citizenship and service with-in their school or local community. Students will be able to explain how their school or local action and citizenship connects with their sense of belonging and the concept of global citizenship.

The aim of this Citizenship Project is for middle school students at Woodville High School to identify issues or challenges within the school or local community and develop an action to tackle the problem. To facilitate their problem solving, students are following the design process steps as outlined:

  1. The Brief
  2. Researching the issue
  3. Ideation, developing an action or solution
  4. Creation of the steps or process to solve the problem
  5. Developing a presentation to show outcome
  6. Presenting their Citizenship Project

Students began the project in week 2 and are now well into the ‘Ideation’ phase.

Project foci across the Home Groups include:

  • Addressing overuse of paper in the school
  • Starting more school ‘clubs’ and lunchtime activities
  • School uniform regulations
  • School canteen menu and wait times
  • Community greening around the school and vicinity

We can’t wait to see the creative solutions our students come up with and look forward to the positive changes they will no doubt be making in our school community.

Alice Forster
Assistant Principal: Junior School and Teacher Professional Growth