On Friday 14th June the Inclusive Ed students welcomed their invited guests to a Morning Tea that they have been working towards in this term. We were pleased to welcome guests from home as well as guests invited from the school community. 

The Design Brief was to work as part of a team, to investigate, select, plan, prepare and present a Morning Tea for some guests that they would invite. 

The class discussed options that would be suitable for the occasion, as well as options that could be made in advance and frozen.

The class chose sausage rolls, vegetable pastries, mini pizza (which was a small version of their individual pizzas that they planned for the Term 1 assessment), vanilla shortbreads, banana muffins, Moroccan date muffins and lemonade scones. We decided to include fresh fruit, tea and coffee, banana smoothies and apple juice to complete the menu. 

As a class we made plans for the equipment that was needed, and how we would complete all of the preparation in the time we had. We learned how to set a table suitable for a morning tea and decided what needed to be included in an invitation that the students made using programs on their devices and they were delivered to the invited guests. The students also made thank you notes which they delivered to their guests afterwards.

In the following lessons we reflected on how the Morning Tea went. Some suggestions for other foods that could be made included chicken and meat pies, cupcakes and wraps. Everyone very happy with the outcome, and definitely would like to do this again! 

The class would very much like to thank all the guests for their company on the morning and their support.