Achieving the SACE is based on students’ ability to show what they have learned during their studies. For some students, this can be made difficult due to circumstances beyond their control. The SACE Board allows Special Provisions when students have an illness or impairment that affects their ability to participate in an assessment task. A student may be eligible for special provisions if they have a:

  • physical disability
  • vision or hearing impairment
  • medical condition
  • psychological illness
  • learning disability
  • or have experienced an unforeseen incident beyond their control that prevents them from completing an assessment task or examination. This may include, for example an accident, a family death, or an interruption during an examination.

For external and school-assessed tasks at Stage 1 or 2, the school decides whether a student is eligible for special provisions, and what those provisions will be. These decisions are made by a Special Provisions Panel at the school, are based on evidence provided by the student, and follow SACE Board guidelines and advice.

Special Provisions granted will depend on circumstances, and might include:

  • a reduction in the number or length of assessment tasks
  • extra time to complete assignments or examinations
  • presenting work orally instead of in written form
  • rest breaks during an examination
  • use of a word processor in tests and exams
  • use of a reader or scribe in exams

If you believe your Stage 1 or 2 student may be eligible for special provisions please encourage him or her to speak with Ms Ahrens, Ms George, or a School Counsellor for further information. Parents can contact me by phone or email with any questions or concerns about special provisions.

Jan Ahrens
Assistant Principal: Head of Senior School and SACE Improvement