On Wednesday the 8th of September, Woodville High School will be participating in R U OK?  Day, which is a nationally accredited day of awareness surrounding mental health and suicide prevention.

With the ever-evolving societal challenges we need to open the lines of communication with our friends, family, and our peers and ask the question “are you ok?”

WHS is hosting two Human Services and Psychology Students who are studying at the University of South Australia who will be running the events on the day and spreading awareness to both students and teachers.

The events on the day are as follows:

Jade and Codie from UniSA will be delivering a presentation about R U OK Day and how it is a crucial day of awareness within a Secondary School setting. This will be a time where students from all year levels can come together, learn some strategies and the importance of checking in on your friends, family, and peers.

Lunch Time 12:50-1:20pm.
In the Learning Hub during lunch time, Jade will be hosting some interactive activities engaging students in the key elements of how to appropriately ask each other if they are ok.

This will involve playing rounds of “people bingo” where students will receive ‘bingo’ cards with questions on them, and going around to their peers and asking said question.

There will be prizes to be won, including a $10 canteen voucher to be used during either recess or lunch periods.

Lunch Time 12:50-1:20pm.
Codie and some volunteers from the Year 9 Home Economics class will be handing out yellow cupcakes and cut outs of conversation starters to students. These cupcakes will be free to all students, but if any student would like to make a donation to the R U Ok charity that would be appreciated.