EMS and Community Portal

As part of the Department for Education’s digital transformation project, the school’s previous data warehouse EDSAS has now been replaced with a more modern and fully features system called EMS (Education Management System).

Accessing Community Portal

Parents can now access data related to their student through a new website connected to EMS, known as the Community portal. Access is by invite only and all parents began receiving email invitations late in Week 7 of Term 1. Once parent’s have received their invitations, they will be able to access the Community Portal by following the instructions attached below. If a parent hasn’t received their invitation by Monday the 3rd of April, they are encouraged to first check their Spam or Junk email folders. If the email hasn’t been received parents are encouraged to contact the school on (08) 8445 9833.

Data vs Curriculum

The Community Portal is a place where parents can access two types of information. Data related to their individual child and also curriculum information. Information such as attendance data, medical information and other personal details can be found directly in community portal. The community Portal is also the location where parents can access the FROG Learner Management System (LMS). Frog LMS is a third party application where parents can access information related to the classroom and curriculum. More information can be found below.

Future Versions

At this point the Community Portal is read only, but future versions of the Portal will also allow parent’s to change or update personal records, pay school bills and fees, and also update absence records. The current version of portal is only accessible via a web bowser and is best viewed on a computer. However future releases will also open up app functionality, meaning families can receive timely, relevant alerts as they arise, from the convenience of their mobile device.

Frog Learner Management System

Term 1 has seen the introduction of FROG as our Learner Management System, replacing DayMap. Staff and students have worked collaboratively to build a learning environment that is innovative, differentiated and aligned to the Australian Curriculum and South Australian Certificate of Education standards. As opportunities arise, we adapt and make improvements to what the students can access and how, as educators, we can make the user experience more engaging.

Throughout the term a group of parents/caregivers have been involved in a FROG Focus Group, shaping the Parent Dashboard and trialing access to the newly developed, DfE Community Portal. Collection of final feedback occurred in week 8 and the whole school community will be invited to join the Community Portal and access FROG in week 9. Parents and caregivers will then be able to view timetables, attendance data, access wellbeing and academic support, view curriculum and upcoming assessments and assignments.

Families can expect communication, via email, to occur in week 9 with details of each program and an invitation to join. As always the school’s IT department will be available to support any issues that arise during the onboarding phase of the FROG Parent and the Community Portal.