The Multicultural assembly was an opportunity to promote and celebrate the unique diversity of Woodville High School. Our Woodville is multi ethnic, multi religious and multicultural and this is the golden thread in the rich tapestry of our history and tradition. Our identity as Woodville High School is enriched by the traditions of a school that has been shaped and formed over the past 106 years. Woodville takes pride in this with our students coming from over 72 countries.

We acknowledge that each migrant and refugee carries their own unspoken history: stories of struggle and survival in a world of incomprehensible violence, upheaval and hope. Migrants and Refugees found themselves in new realities – a new school, job, relationship or country, any of which demands some reinvention of ‘belonging’. It was an honour to hear Maryam and Amir share their personal stories of courage and triumph.

Manal Younas during multicultural week led a series of workshops with our students to shape a Woodville High School Poem that captures the stories of struggle and survival.

The workshops explored:

  • What it means to be a refugee
  • Personal Stories of courage and triumph
  • What it means to belong to a community

The poem that has been published belongs to our students and is an expression of our diversity, unity and freedom.

We Are

We are travellers who’ve crossed the distant seas,
the descendants of courageous elders 
who’ve played tug-of-war with this foreign land 
They’ve fought, 
           we’ve fought, 
against the difficulties, isolation and racism
and we are proud 

Proud to build a place full of love and happiness
A place to express and not be judged
where our voices will be heard
A place to be ourselves
and let others be themselves

Because everyone deserves to feel like they belong 
to be part of something,
something bigger
Where love is stronger than hate
because some of us have met hate 
and know pain and loss too well
and we know that healing 
comes with kindness 

From skin to skin
heart to heart
we will see eye to eye
we will teach, learn and stand together against injustice 

Because in this place
we open our minds to different ideas 
and embrace where others are from
We are part of a bigger picture
and we don’t have to work alone 
We support each other to make dreams reality 
We believe in all that we can be

And through it all 
we remember where we come from
and respect who we are 

We are students,
we are daughters,
and older brothers,
we are athletes
aspiring doctors,
artists and teachers
we are gamers
we are dreamers 

and much more

we are the people of Woodville High School.

Multicultural Lunch

On Friday 17 September, as a part of Multicultural Week we invited parents from different cultural groups for a shared Multicultural Lunch. This was to celebrate the school’s cultural diversity and a time for parents to share their stories, traditions and costumes. There were cultural displays, costumes and diverse cuisines. For many parents this was a special time as they felt part of our community and Our Woodville.