Woodville High School Wellbeing Team

The Woodville High School Wellbeing Team would like to welcome you and your family into our diverse, dynamic and caring school community, introduce ourselves and explain a little bit about our role.

The team consists of :

Senior Leader – Student Services Wellbeing   Mr Sandro Bracci Sandro.Bracci704@schools.sa.edu.au
Student Wellbeing Leader  Miss Jessica Michas Jessica.Michas277@schools.sa.edu.au  
Student Wellbeing Leader  Miss Alicia Gillespie Alicia.Gillespie377@schools.sa.edu.au  
Youth Worker  Ben Rice
Pastoral Support Worker  Jodi Miles
Wellbeing Hub Receptionist  Sue Weidemann Sue.Weidemann570@schools.sa.edu.au  
House Leader – JupiterMegan Patman Megan.Patman736@schools.sa.edu.au  
House Leader – NeptuneJohn Katavatis John.Katavatis625@schools.sa.edu.au  
House Leader – MercuryNigel Gramp
House Leader – Sirius    Amy Sym Choon Amy.SymChoon221@schools.sa.edu.au  
Middle Years ManagerEmily O’Neill
Senior years ManagerCarmela Pizzino Carmela.Pizzino61@schools.sa.edu.au  

We see our role as supporting all students to value and be aware of the factors that contribute to their own wellbeing.

Taking care of one’s physical and mental health will provide a good foundation for both learning, and positive, respectful relationships.

A vital component of our physical health includes exercise and healthy eating habits.

To support this Woodville High School has a Breakfast Club. We are gratefully sponsored by Kick Start for Kids.

For the students who do not have time in the morning to have breakfast before they arrive or must catch various forms of public transport, this is a great way to start their day.

Crowd favourites are usually the cheese toasties and Weetbix with milk. THE Canteen also provides toast with an assortment of toppings including Vegemite and Nutella.

We know that we all experience times when our wellbeing is not at its best and we encourage parents to access support by contacting teachers regarding student learning and Wellbeing Leaders with any concerns that are affecting your child’s participation in school life.

Contacting staff about academic issues can be done through phone calls to the school, and our school website. In term 2 contact will be through our Frog System and details of how to do this will be in the end of term newsletter.

We look forward to working together to make the Woodville High School community a thriving, happy and welcoming place for all.

As adults in our community, we have great responsibility in role modelling the behaviours we want our young people to replicate. As part of our community caring for each other we remind you of some of the parking requirements when dropping off and picking up your child especially on Actil Avenue where there is No Standing on the roadside opposite the school. It is also worth noting that Leslie Street is actually a two way road for local residents.

Hoping your child has had a positive start to the new school year and that they continue to feel supported, inspired and included in their school community.

Our Wellbeing Team looks forward to working with you this year.

Wellbeing Support at Home

As Parent/Caregivers there are times when you may require support outside of school times for social and emotional support. These times may be stressful,however they are a great opportunity to work through situations as a family to support one another and grow towards better and brighter relationships. Below are some great websites and phone numbers that can be helpful.   

Self-Care Strategies

During times of stress and uncertainty, it’s important for young people to continue their routine and engage in self-care, including:

  • Maintaining a regular daily routine
  • Keeping regular sleep and wake times
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Engaging in exercise
  • Scheduling breaks from online learning during the day
  • Ensuring adequate time for rest and relaxation activities
  • Scheduling time for recreation and fun activities
  • Keeping up communication with their friends and family

Online resources The following resources can be shared with your child to address concerns they may have about COVID-19 and support their online learning.

After-Hours Crisis Supports

If you believe your child is at risk of immediate harm, please contact emergency services (000). For after-hours crisis support and counselling for young people and their families, the following services can be contacted:


24/7 crisis counselling and suicide prevention service for all ages.


Ph: 13 11 14

Kids Helpline

Free 24/7 counselling service for children and young people aged 5-25.


Ph: 1800 55 1800


Free online chat, email and telephone support (9am-1am AEST, 7 days per week) for young people aged 12-25, their family and friends.


Ph: 1800 650 890

Beyond Blue


24/7 support for people experiencing anxiety and depression.

Ph: 1800 512 348

We look forward to working together to make the Woodville High School community a thriving, happy and welcoming place for all.

Kids Helpline: https://kidshelpline.com.au/

Kids Helpline is a service for young people to call anytime for any reason.

Headspace: https://headspace.org.au/

Headspace provides a range of support services to improve health and wellbeing.

Developing Minds: https://developingminds.net.au/

Helping kids and teens feel calm, cooperative, confident and cope with challenges.

Parent ReachOut: https://parents.au.reachout.com/

Helps young people to recognise signs and symptoms of mental health issues, understand mental health concepts, and get guidance on how to seek help or build skills for coping and resilience.

Understanding Key transition points during childhood and adolescence