On Wednesday 22 March, Woodville High School hosted the 2023 Open Night, an important night on our school calendar. Families interested in having their children attend Our Woodville were welcomed by our Student Prefects, who then led guided tours throughout the evening. The tour showcased all learning areas of Woodville High School, including the Food Technologies and Health and PE buildings as well as the redeveloped Art building and Wellbeing Hub. These new, innovative education spaces compliment the redeveloped STEM building and other areas of our school and provide students with access to 21st Century teaching spaces.

Our Principal, Anna Mirasgentis gave her welcome and address to a large number of families in the Learning Hub, the schools home of innovative pedagogical practices. Students supported each Learning Area, answering questions, describing their experience in different learning programs and showcasing samples of their summative and formative assessments. This year we included a collaboration space in Lower Penny that showcased the relationship between Art, Design, ICT and Media. A thank you to the members of the Governing Council who were kept busy cooking sausages on the BBQs for our guests. A fantastic evening, showcasing the brilliant facilities, talented and supportive staff and amazing students Our Woodville has to offer to any family wanting their children to reach for the stars.

As we are always striving to improve our practice, if you attended the evening, please use the QR code below to fill out a quick survey about your Open Night experience.

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