For the past 8 months, Year 7 and 8 students from Our Woodville as well as our Environmental Leadership portfolio, have been working with community volunteers to develop a greener and more sustainable school community through ‘My Tree Project’. 

Our engagement in this project has lead to some wonderful opportunities and learning as well as the development of some very rewarding relationships with our wonderful community volunteers.

A highlight of this work so far has been students preparing for ‘Schools Tree Day’ on the 26th of July, when students will plant the seedlings they have propagated from seed at their school and in the community. They have also been creating artworks about the meaning of trees which will be shown in the exhibition at the Hindmarsh library – we would encourage our school community members to attend. My Tree Project enables young people to be creative and play an active role in dealing with the serious local impact of our environmental situation. The project is funded by Charles Sturt Council, AAEE and Rail Care.