Our transition to the Department for Education Learner Management System, FROG, ramped up in Term 3 with all staff attending the FROG training day on 2 September. Jane Logan (DfE) and Sam Tuffnell delivered professional development, onboarding staff and building skills and understandings of the FROG platform. Staff worked collectively in the morning, acquiring the skills to build interactive units of curriculum that will be delivered in 2023. The remaining sessions were spent in Learning Areas, as teachers worked collaboratively to support and deliver units and programs. 

A small delegation of students have worked with Jane and Sam in the latter part of Term 3 to develop the landing and associated pages of the student environment. This process will continue in Term 4 when family and community members are invited to support the building of the family dashboard. If you would like to participate in this group and haven’t as yet passed your details on, please email sam.tuffnell65@schools.sa.edu.au with your expression of interest by the end of the Term 3 school holidays.