At the end of term 1, Ms Vause and Ms Dahim’s classes participated in an end of term Learning Challenge as expert detectives! Exploring the Learning Hub, students quickly hunted down clues about Year 8 teachers and translated their discoveries to work out who was telling the truth, and who was lying!

Students had to use their problem-solving skills, geographical skills and their Indonesian language to learn about where teachers were from, the languages they spoke and their likes and dislikes. They found clues in unlikely places, numerical codes, secrets hidden in books and recorded tracks via mysterious QR codes!

“It was fun!”
– Summer

“We practised our Indonesian and identified the meaning of sentences.” 
– Elizabeth

“It was good to bond with our classmates.”
– Shelby

“It was a good way to end the term!”
– Shant

Special thanks to Ms Fiona Feetham, Ms Alice Forster, Mr Nigel Gramp, Ms Dina Phan, Ms Rebecca Sykes, Ms Ajia Mee, Mr Adrian Brock and Ms Sally Pearce for supporting this great activity!

Carly Vause
Coordinator of Languages & English as an Additional Language or Dialect