Materials and Services Fee$500.00
Additional Subject Costs
Year 11 & Year 12 Outdoor Ed$100.00
Specialist Basketball$80.00

Payment Options

Direct Debit Payments

Parents/caregivers are able to authorise our school to process ongoing payments to pay for school fees and invoices as agreed under a ‘payment plan’. These payments may be scheduled weekly, fortnightly, monthly or per term depending on the payment type. Please call the Finance Officer to complete this agreement.


Payments can be made online with a Visa card, Master Card or Debit card via Bpoint through the school website at

Please ensure that you have a credit card (MasterCard or Visa) and a school invoice or statement available.

To process a payment:

  1. Enter your family ID (from the school invoice or statement)
  2. Enter your family name
  3. Enter description of payment
  4. Enter the total payment amount
  5. Enter your credit card details
  6. Click on the ‘Proceed’ button and wait for your payment to process
  7. Either click the ‘Print View’ or enter you email address and click ‘Send Email’ to get a copy of your receipt

Download the free QKR! app and add Woodville High School to your payment list to start making easy, secure and convenient payments to Woodville High School.

How to make payments using QKR:

  1. Download the free QKR app from your app store in either Android or Apple.
  2. Insert your email address and create a password to sign in.
  3. Open the app, search for and select Woodville High School.
  4. Add student profile.
  5. Under the ‘Menu’ option, select ‘School Payments’ then choose from one of the menus and products to make your payment for M&S Fees, Camps, Excursions etc.
Applying for School Card Assistance

You may be eligible for support with payment of Materials & Services fees and subject fees if you are a low income earner. School Card Assistance must be applied for each year as the assessment process is based on your income for the prior financial year. We recommend that you lodge your application for School Card Assistance with the school early each year. This will allow you to establish a payment plan with the school early in the year if your School Card application is not approved.

Forms to apply for School Card Assistance are available from the Finance Office or the Department of Education website at: