From the classroom to real life practice

Learning the Vietnamese language at WHS has been counted as a memorable and joyful experience for many students. It has been nourished, grows and stays with students. From the other side of the yard, you may hear students saying “Chào cô”, “Cám ơn”, “Tạm biệt”, “Hẹn gặp lại”. The language is alive as it’s longevity!

WHS students learning Vietnamese say it is challenging, creative and fun in the classroom. This leads them to have fun practicing and engaging in the topics learnt such as playing “bóng bàn”- table tennis or “bóng rổ”- basketball.

One of the most popular and enjoyable parts of learning Vietnamese is being able to take part in the delights of Vietnamese food culture and cuisine. Students learn to cook their own Vietnamese dishes then enjoy showcasing and eating such favourites as: “Chả giò”- Spring rolls, “Gỏi cuốn”- Cold rolls, “Cơm chiên”- fried rice, YUMMY! Even as the Year 12 Vietnamese class cook a final Vietnamese meal before leaving high school, it hopefully will not be their last, and continue to remember the fun times shared. Besides not only from learning theory to real life practice, Vietnamese as a subject offers student to continue to study as a Year 12 SACE subject.

You might also want to take on learning the majestic Lion Dance as an extracurricular activity in Vietnamese class. It’s about learning the Vietnamese language at WHS. Hope one day you will join to learn Vietnamese and we can have fun, share and learn together.

Hẹn gặp lại- See you later

Ms Đào- WHS Vietnamese language teacher