Woodville High School has had over many years, a number of literacy and numeracy intervention strategies and programs in place that have not been reviewed for their impact or effectiveness. As such, this term we have been undertaking a review of our literacy and numeracy practices, programs and interventions in order to evaluate their effectiveness against the Literacy and Numeracy outcomes outlined in our SIP. The review is designed to support the school in selecting interventions that are appropriate and that are evidence-based practices. In education, evidence-based practice refers to professional practices that are informed by evidence, research and data. In practical terms, this use of evidence and data includes the following using instructional practices that have been demonstrated as effective through a sufficient quantity of high-quality research evidence.

Katrina Spencer has been employed to lead this review. Katrina has extensive experience and knowledge through the various roles she has held in the department including; Director of the Literacy Secretariat and Director of Improvement and Accountability. The literacy and numeracy reference group that has been formed will be working in partnership with Katrina to lead this work.

Throughout the term staff have visited and met with other sites to gain an insight Into current effective practices across the state. Staff have also calculated and measured the effectiveness of current Intervention strategies and begun to map out an Ideal situation that will develop a WHS model allowing for all students to access the intervention and learning support they need to be successful.