On Thursday, the 30th of November, Woodville High School’s Learning Hub buzzed with excitement and pride during the Middle Years Graduation ceremony. This special event marked not only the achievements of our Middle Years students throughout the year but also the significant step of our Year 9 students advancing into the Senior School.

Co-hosted by the Middle Years student Leaders, Thor Bonesmo and Natasha Brice, and supported by 2024 leaders Beth Rieger and Jemimah Kennedy Rochester, along with the Year 9 student committee, the evening was a splendid showcase of talent and achievement. The spotlight shone on the exceptional musical performances by our middle years musicians.

A highlight of the evening was the inspiring keynote address by Frankie DiCerto, an esteemed old scholar of Woodville High. DiCerto’s words on hard work, resilience, and pursuing dreams resonated deeply, providing our young students with invaluable guidance and motivation.

The ceremony culminated in the recognition of academic excellence with the announcement of the Dux for each year level. The Year 7 honor was shared between Jennifer Engel and Jewel Dioso, demonstrating the high level of talent in our younger students. Erin Rogers stood out in Year 8, and Riona Nguyen was celebrated as the Dux of Year 9, setting a high bar for the next phase of their educational journey.

The Middle Years Graduation was not just a farewell to a completed stage but a beacon of hope and anticipation for the future. We congratulate all our students on their achievements and look forward to their continued success in the Senior School.