This term at Woodville High School, creativity and inquisitiveness were in the spotlight with our exciting Project Nova Experience “The Curiosity Show“. Year 7 students embarked on a journey to potentially become the new host of the rebooted “The Curiosity Show“, a challenge that sparked imagination and innovation.

Embracing the prompt, “Record a pilot segment showcasing a curiosity of yours“, students delved deep into their interests, crafting intriguing and unique pilot episodes. The range and depth of topics explored were a testament to the diverse interests and talents within our student body.

A special feature of this project was the collaboration with Year 6 students from Kilkenny Primary School. Joining us weekly, these enthusiastic young learners got a taste of high school life, contributing their fresh perspectives and ideas. This curriculum collaboration, supported by the dedicated staff at Kilkenny, proved to be a fruitful and enriching experience for all involved.

The term’s highlight was the surprise visit from Rob Morrison, one of the original hosts of “The Curiosity Show“. His presence at our end-of-term showcase brought an air of nostalgia and excitement. Sharing insights from his time on the show, Rob watched our students’ episodes with great interest, his feedback and enthusiasm leaving a lasting impact on our aspiring hosts.

With Rob’s appreciation and guidance, the Project Nova Experience was not just a learning opportunity but a bridge connecting past and present curiosities. As we wrap up this term’s successful project, we are filled with anticipation for what the next year holds in this dynamic and engaging learning space. Our thanks go to everyone involved, especially to Rob Morrison, for making “The Curiosity Show” revival a memorable experience at Our Woodville.