Congratulations to Karina Aston and Erin Davis for their outstanding performance as part of Class of Cabaret 2021. Karina and Erin successfully auditioned to be part of this unique opportunity, which runs under the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. The program is designed to give the opportunity for students to gain performance and self-development skills in a professional performing arts venue. Karina and Erin worked with mentors and professional artists to develop their skills through masterclasses, workshops and a bootcamp. They have rehearsed throughout the year as well as working to receive credits towards their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). Jan Ahrens and Paul Monaghan were privileged to attend their public performance in the Space Theatre of the Festival Theatre. Karina and Erin performed in the ensemble as well as solo cabaret items, showcasing their musicality and technical skills and telling their own unique stories. Well done Karina and Erin on your outstanding performance.