I would like to introduce myself and the music team for 2021. My name is Paul Monaghan and I have been at Woodville High School since 2002. I have worked in various roles at the school, including as a Coordinator, Teacher, Deputy Principal, Head of Music and Year Level Manager. My current role is Deputy Principal: Head of Music, SHIP and Year 10.

Our team for 2021 consists of:

  • Terry Bickley: Music Coordinator (woodwind specialist)
  • Anthony Bishop: Music Teacher (brass specialist)
  • Jakub Tengdahl: Music Teacher (jazz piano/percussion specialist)
  • Kerrie Polkinghorne: Music Teacher (choral specialist)
  • Celeste Wong: Music Teacher/Instrumental Music Teacher (string specialist)
  • Ed Kriek: Piano Accompanist
  • Sandra McEvoy: Music Secretary

Photoshoot at Adelaide University

It has been a busy start to the year for the Music Department. On Sunday 7th February, four of our special music students went to Adelaide University to meet with students from Marryatville High School, Playford International College and Brighton Secondary School to have a photoshoot for the Special Interest Music Centres information brochure. Thanks to Denise Huynh, Jonathan Mitchell, Jordan Ng and Erin Davis for giving up their time. These photos will also be featured on the soon to be launched music website. Stay tuned for more information.

Acquaintance night

On Wednesday 10th February, the Saxophone Quintet presented a performance as part of the year 8-10 acquaintance night. Thanks to Music Coordinator, Mr Terry Bickley and Jenny Binnie, Riley Warner, Anibal Araya Reyes, Ryan Gencarelli and Jake O’Connor for their entertaining set of music to open the night.

Taste of High School

Year 10 music students are busily preparing for six performances of Taste of High School performances as part of our school promotion to primary school students. Many of these are also involved in up to three days of primary school promotion tours and open night.