Term 1 Week 3 School Newsletter

The year has certainly come alive with energy and excitement of staff, students, and families who converged through the school gates for the journey of a new term. It has been a time of sharing stories, being reunited with old friends, and meeting some new ones as students and staff settle into the classroom and school routines.

A warm welcome to all members of the Woodville High School community as we commence the new academic year. We have had a tremendous start to the year, and we hope everyone, particularly the new students and their families, have settled in well. We were absolutely thrilled to have all students return to school for a fantastic year of learning, enrichment, opportunity, and personal growth!

It was delightful to welcome so many parents and our Year 7 cohort for the very first time as Woodville High School students. There were smiling faces, and a great deal of energy as our Year 7 cohort embraced their first day in a new school. We welcomed our Year 7, Year 12 and International and Astra Students on Tuesday 30 January as well as students in other year levels new to Our Woodville, allowing them time to become familiar with the school, ahead of all the Year 8 to 11 students who commenced on the following day, Wednesday 31 January 2024.

The first fortnight of the school year is a busy time for students and staff. The energy it takes to reconnect, build new friendships and navigate a new part of the school landscape is significant, and I’m sure there were a few tired students and parents in the first few weeks.

We look forward to meeting all our families at the Acquaintance Evening on Wednesday 21 February 2024 at 6.00pm where you will have an opportunity to meet your child’s House Leader, House Group Teachers and Curriculum Leaders and teachers. Throughout 2024 we will continue to build our relationships, especially with families new to Our Woodville, so that we can work together to support the best outcomes for our students.

The upcoming academic year holds great promise, and I am excited about the opportunities and achievements that lie ahead for our school community.

Merit Ceremony

Congratulations to 2023 cohort and a special mention of our Dux of School Thanh Phong Athol Dang, who scored an ATAR of 97.00 followed by Alicia Morrow with an ATAR of 92.65.

Daniela Piteo the Senior Leader of Senior Years and SACE Quality Assurance attended the SACE Board’s Merit Ceremony at Government House, to celebrate Krysten Lally, Alexander Moon and Vy To’s outstanding academic achievement at the SACE Merit Ceremony 2024, hosted by Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC Governor of South Australia.

This moment of celebration for students and their families also acknowledges the outstanding work of our teaching staff, from Year 7 through to Year 12, who have challenged and supported their students to achieve this level of excellence. Many graduates from the Class of 2023 will join us at the School for the Laureate Assembly which will be held later in Term 1. Seeing our most recent graduates moving on to a diverse range of pathways is a great source of inspiration for our current students and we look forward to welcoming them back!

Welcome to the new staff joining Our Woodville Community

As well as new students and parents, the school is delighted to announce the following new staffing appointments for 2024:

Maryanne AbrahamEALD Teacher
Cherie MorganEnglish Teacher
Mitchell BettisonSpecial Interest Music Teacher
Rhys YoungMaths/Science Teacher
Bel QuickEnglish Teacher
Sarah NewmanDance/Science Teacher
Ryan KochEALD Hub Coach
Adam NanouMusic Focus Teacher
Edison Suarez MurilloSpecial Options Teacher
Dani ReidStudent Support Officer
Charlotte MorelliStudent Support Officer

SEQTA Strategic Implementation

In embarking upon our transformative journey towards full integration of SEQTA, we initiated a strategic approach to transition to full usage of SEQTA by the end of 2024. The purpose is to strengthen our partnership with our community and facilitate a collaborative culture, strengthen communication, and streamline organisational processes across all operations of Our Woodville.

We engaged staff, students and some families to support us in the strategic implementation of SEQTA to identify key milestones, set clear timelines for completion, and assigned responsibility to respective stakeholders.

Woodville High School will launch a new communication and resources application for parents and caregivers called SEQTA Engage in Term 1 Week 4. You will receive an email next week with instructions on how to log in for the first time and then support to navigate SEQTA will be provided at the Family Acquaintance Evening, on Wednesday 21 February 2024. 

For more information please refer to the relevant section of the SEQTA Newsletter


The upcoming academic year holds great promise, and I am excited about the opportunities and achievements that lie ahead for our school community. We hope that all students, families, and staff have a wonderful 2024. Woodville High School is a very special place. It is a wonderful community that is diverse, inclusive, and aspirational. A community that will work together as one big family allowing us to walk together as we aspire for excellence. I look forward to the year ahead and wish all of you, every success. We are excited about all that lies ahead in 2024, and we are delighted to have you here with us.

Anna Mirasgentis