As we come to the final week of this incredible year, I reflect on the year that has been, and it is clear that at the heart of every moment throughout the year has been my unshakable knowledge that it is an extraordinary gift to be part of this community. In 2021, together we have grown and watched our school thrive. I want Woodville High School to continue to create a sense of belonging for our diverse community, where every student is seen, is valued and knows their worth, where relationships are defined by understanding, respect and love.

We have cherished our history and traditions through various celebrations while creating new and vibrant spaces for 2022.  These new learning spaces in synergy with quality teaching will encourage students to think deeply about the leadership and capabilities they need in order to pave their way in what is a complicated and complex world.  

Every staff member at Woodville High School works hard to create an exceptional community of learning which enables students to flourish. To all staff, on behalf of the school community we thank you for your dedication, passion and commitment to students and their families. For those staff members who are taking up new opportunities or retiring – I wish you the very best in your future endeavours.

Today we farewelled these staff and I sincerely thanked each of them for their service and commitment to not only Woodville High School but also Public Education. On Friday, we farewelled an amazing array of talent and experience. I thank each of our colleagues and wish them every success, knowing that they will always be a part of the fabric that makes up Our Woodville family. They all leave behind an incredible legacy in the school’s history.

I know we are again moving into the third year of the pandemic and are now grappling with an uncertain reality as omicron is approaching our borders. The virus comes in waves, raising and dashing hopes as it ebbs and surges. Living in this disruption and uncertainty, is exhausting and as humans, we react to this unpredictability in different ways. To all our community please take the time to rest, recharge, and connect with those closest to you over the holiday season.

On behalf of the staff, we say thank you for the privilege to work in partnership with you again this year in support of your children.

As this is the last newsletter for 2021, I wish everyone in our Woodville High School  community a safe and happy holiday season.

Old Scholars Tour

The School is very committed to its history and to the people who created an enduring legacy. We are committed strengthening our partnership with the Old scholars Association and inviting our alumini to keep in contact with us and create a sense of belonging.

It was a privilege to host the old scholars who represented students from the 40’s to the 80’s. The Old Scholars are an essential link between the history of Woodville High School and the present School community. They had a personal tour through a number of learning areas sharing memorable moments and outlining to young people what learning and teaching looked like for them. The history and traditions were shared and students enjoyed listening and sharing their experiences and how COVID has affected them over the last two years.

The Old scholars enjoy a guided tour of the school and in particular all the wonderful new spaces They had a quick tour of the upgraded Art Building, the Brian Marsland Health and Physical Education Centre and the Frank Schrippa Food Technology and Horticulture Centre. Brian and Frank attended and felt honoured that the school has recognised their contribution to education at Woodville high School.